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On Monday night's Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, David Tennant answered the call, but the Doctor was unhelpful. (Video is six minutes and forty-four seconds, and contains profanity.)

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1. caroline's no-kill shelter ohio
Caroline's Kids, a cage-free cat sanctuary in Ohio

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John Bartlett is fostering another litter for Purrfect Pals! (In other news, water is still wet :) )

John Bartlett's latest, Hazel and her Looney Tune fosters, born 7-23-13
The Looney Tune Fosters are mama Hazel and her four kittens.
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Aug. 15th, 2013 03:34 pm
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Google Maps Easter Egg

(The comments are a must-read.)

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My cousin forwarded this to me via email.

A mother bobcat found a secluded intersecting roof line area on the top of a house in Cave Creek where she gave birth to two kits.

The house had a skylight, so the owners could watch the cats frolicking on the roof.

When the owners noticed that one kit was missing, they originally assumed that it had been taken by a hawk or owl - until the owner remembered that there was an open column off of the roof. He determined the kit had fallen to the bottom of the column and drilled the column open so the kit could crawl out.

The kit came out and promptly walked over to the swimming pool and fell in.

Don't worry; Mom handled it :)

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The video embed was troublesome for my cousin, so, just in case, here's the link to Youtube.

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I found three just now when I went out to check; two males and one female, all looking great and healthy! One of the males was hanging from his empty chrysalis under a bench, and I lifted him up and put him on a geranium leaf so he could soak up some sun and warm his wings up. Of the other two, a female was floundering in a patch of grass under the kitchen window, after having fallen from her empty chrysalis, but only about a foot. The other had landed on a towel I'd put below the chrysalis in case of that happening. He'd fallen from under the eaves -- about eight feet up. Both had managed to hang until they were perfectly dry, so had landed safely.

I lifted those two up and put them on another towel I'd draped over the hose box. They were relieved, I think, to get higher up and into the sun. They're basking in the sun right now, slowly opening and closing their wings, gorgeous creatures in their patterns of orange and black.

There have been butterflies in the past that have fallen onto the concrete and been fatally injured. I don't know if they'd been dry enough to have survived without damage, but ever since then, I've put something softer down when a butterfly was close to emerging.

This group started out with twenty-two healthy-looking chrysalises; a couple of the ones left are looking iffy to me, but I've been surprised before. We're down to eleven. If the weather stays reasonably warm, as it has been, the rest of them should be out in the next couple of days. And off they go. OH YAYYY!

I need to go out and get some more film, dammit.

I've been under the weather for a few days, but I'll get more details up soon about the entire winter season we've had. And pictures!

By the way, did you manage to catch the The Doctors Revisited -- The First Doctor?

I had no idea that it existed and had aired at the end of January, so I was pleasantly surprised to come across it last night, at midnight on BBC America. It was an overview of the First Doctor era, which was interesting enough, but it ended with something I was not expecting: an actual several-episode story from that era, "The Aztecs." It's one of the very few from that era that still exists (and a lot more interesting than the first, "An Unearthly Child," the only other one I've seen.) For two-and-a-quarter hours I was glued to my seat!

I don't know when it's going to repeat again (I wish the VCR had been working), but the Second Doctor one is coming up. Evidently they're going to do one for each Doctor. (I wonder what they'll do for Eight, though?)

If you don't have access to BBC America or some other source, I hope you get to see them somehow.

(If you'd like to discuss it here -- which I'd love to -- please use lj-cuts so as not to spoil anyone who hasn't seen it and doesn't want to know, please. Or big SPOILER WARNINGS at the top of the comment, or something. Thank you.)
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Missy went to the vet recently. She did not want to go to the vet, but I insisted. Her yowls were heartrending. And that was before I even got her into the carrier.

Missy's doing well. She hasn't lost any more weight since her last appointment in May, and her condition looks good. It seems that we caught the kidney problems in time to stop further damage, for the moment at least.

She does have fleas, which I'd expected (having discovered flea dirt a couple of days before), and have now treated with Advantage (one of the best inventions ever). What I didn't expect was what looked to the vet like early signs of resorption on one of her teeth. Missy isn't showing any signs of dental pain, and, with her age and kidney disease, Dr. Yank is recommending conservative treatment. What that means is keeping an eye on it for now and probably taking X-rays at some point. Missy will be back there for routine blood tests in a couple of months and the tooth can be reexamined then. Dr. Yank thinks it's possible that the tooth could be completely absorbed over time -- that happened with one of her own cats -- in which case, it wouldn't be necessary to pull it. I'd really rather not have her put under general anesthesia if I can help it.

Also: thirteen monarch chrysalises around the yard! *happy dance* There might even be more over the next couple of days. If the weather stays warm, they might even start emerging during the next week. Fingers crossed!
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John Bartlett's Kittencam is up again with a new litter! Ripley's Kittens Thanks to [ profile] musicboxwaltz at [ profile] randompictures for the heads-up.

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This is Monifa, which means "lucky," at three weeks of age. She was born at the Taronga Park Zoo, but it was a difficult birth, and her mother was having a hard time of it afterwards, so Monifa was hand-raised.

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...but in considerably safer and more comfortable circumstances.

This is a follow-up to this post, because it needed to be done. Photos and videos )
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My screencaps from the Foster Kitten Cam. Now showing: Rosemary and the Spice Kittens.

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Brought to my attention by my awesome brother.

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