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I'm taking Missy to the vet for the last time this afternoon. Time to let her go.
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...which, under the circumstances, is the best place for her to be. Which I know, but I'm not really feeling it right now.

details )
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We took Missy -- who, as several of you know, has had chronic kidney disease for over three years now -- for her regular (as in every few months) checkup. veterinary details and general sadness )
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This is a repost, quoted from a flister's LJ, with permission:

Somebody with this website is repostings several authors/fanartists fics on there without listing the name of the authors/fanartists on there and apparently in most cases, without permission. I've seen a good number of stories/fanart I'm familar with on the site (all of them most likely swiped from LJ and LJ comms as several LJ links to the original authors LJs are still attached), so if your fic/art [is there] I'd definitely tell this person to take it down immediately.


I hate plagiarists. I hope they get banned for this ASAP.

(Edited to actually put the site link in. Sorry.)
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...but this cold therapy machine -- which I got on Wednesday -- is helping a lot. The downsides: it's a pain to set up, drain, etc. (although B is able to do that for me right now, and it's a little too effective, which means that I have to check the skin hourly to make sure i don't actually get frostbite. (So no sleeping with it on.) And it's not worth the trouble to try using it in front of the computer. Yet. (B thinks there are some fixes I can use so I can use the keyboard completely one-handed; I may look into that after surgery, when things are on the mend.)

Now, back into the Polar North I go. Wednesday can't come fast enough.


Aug. 28th, 2013 08:17 pm
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Anyone else having trouble posting?

My last post worked fine. Crossposting to [ profile] randompictures was not so fine: the html kept borking in Preview. Paste stopped working. I finally got it to work by typing everything in from the original post. Yes, by hand.

I couldn't get the [ profile] splodefromcute crosspost to work at all, despite typing in everything again. By hand. I thought maybe it was just Preview that was screwed up, so I posted anyway. No, still screwed up. All that showed up was the file name for the image. No video. I deleted it.

I tried it again in Safari, which was faster and less temperamental than Firefox has been lately, but the posting was no better.

I've now rebooted the computer and cut-and-paste seems to be working again.

Also, trying to follow the link to "Article" in the last post leads to Zombie Frank saying "file not found." That's why I added the link html.

I'll try the [ profile] splodefromcute post again in a while.
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From today's Los Angeles Times.

Flotilla of pig carcasses heads for Shanghai

BEIJING -- IN Shanghai, China's sparkling business capital, something unpleasant is drifting downstream.

Just what I wanted to read over breakfast )

Please note: I've tried to fix the borked html several times. It appears that friggin' LJ got up on the wrong side of the bed again.
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...Yeah, that's about it. A more coherent post to follow. Any suggestions for a decent photohosting site? (I'm using Scrapbook for the time being.)


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