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Please be extra careful on behalf of your pets this Fourth of July.

HSUS Tips for a Safe Fourth of July for Your Pets

Have a fun holiday!

Also posted to [ profile] randompictures
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Catching up on the newspaper, I came across this in the Los Angeles Times.

At Orange County golf course, birdie ... eagle ... shark

Associated Press
October 26, 2012

It's raining fish )
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Ganked from [ profile] edge_chan's post at [ profile] randompictures. (I do hope it's become a meme.)

1. Go to Craigslist.

2. Go to your current city.

3. Go to the "Free" section.

4. Fifth item down is your weapon against the zombie horde.

Ready, set, GO!

...Mine is "FREE BROKEN CONCRETE." Better than the thirteen wood pallets I got over at [ profile] randompictures, I guess. Should I try to make a fort, or just pile it up and chuck it at them?
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This is a fishing cat, a wildcat native to Southeast Asia, being kept as a pet in a Russian apartment. Which is a Very Bad Idea, for all sorts of reasons. It's a beautiful animal, though.

fishing cat from southeast asia, kept as pet in russia, handome face, posted randompix 10-5-12

More photos. WARNING: dead chicken; there is blood )
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The art is kind of cute, though.
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Reported gumgumgum as a bot. (Also Barack Dillweed, once I remembered how to do that at LJ.) I wonder why they're suddenly targeting splodefromcute?
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I got this (along with a few variations) comment to several [ profile] splodefromcute posts.

Barak Dill
We are currently seeking people who are looking part time job. You can earn as much as $80/per hour and recieve as much as $8216 per month without having hard time to do the job done.Please Read and visit this site for more informations >>> MUST SEE THIS LINK FOR JOB DESCRIPTION

Obama and Harper Lee fans, perhaps?

I kind of wish it were real; I could use the money. Maybe it is, but the job is something godawful like telemarketing. Or breaking up rocks in the hot sun, with a commission of 25¢ a rock.

Several "lucky" commenters to the posts got it as well. I hope nobody followed the links, and that I'm not risking that by leaving some of them up for the moment.

They were from a Facebook account, so I went through a few hoops over there to report it. I haven't deleted all of them yet -- I want to make sure Facebook sees them -- but Facebook did get back to me with assurances that they're looking into it and will keep me informed. With a form email that included their own come-on, of course.

Facebook User Operations has received your inquiry. Stand by as we should be back with you soon. In the meantime, we encourage you to review our 'Help' page ( You'll find lots of information about Facebook as well as many answers to your questions. Check out the FAQs on the Support page too.

Thanks for contacting Facebook and enjoy the site!

-Facebook User Operations
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Is anyone else bothered by a picture of a cat in a dryer?

Cats are adorable, and a cat snuggled in a pile of clothes is even cuter. A cat in a basket full of clothes is one of my favorite things ever. But I digress.

The specific picture I'm referring to is at tumblr, and is not disturbing in itself: Get out of there, cat, you are line-dry only.

Non-graphic account of what it reminded me of. )

Maybe you don't feel the same way as I do about animals. In that case, I think a picture of a small child, playing in an old refrigerator in a junkyard, is comparable.

I'm not saying that nobody who's aware of the danger can think it's cute, just that I can't. (Perhaps I need to learn to compartmentalize more.)

I'd like to explain this to the tumblr poster, and to get the word out about preventing this kind of awful accident, but I'm not a member and can't comment there. So I'm saying it here: never, EVER run a dryer -- or washer, for that matter -- full of clothes without carefully checking first. Even if you don't have any pets of your own. Because it could be someone else's.
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Quotes from an article in today’s edition of the Los Angeles Times. E.L. James, the 49-year-old West London woman who penned the literary sensation "Fifty Shades of Grey"...was at Comic-Con International to sign copies of her racy romance trilogy...

Nicole Freiner-Curd, 33, had been trying to get pregnant with her third child for the last two years, and she credits James' novels with helping her succeed.

"Trying is exhausting," said the Gardena resident, who is expecting. "It takes some of the fun out of it. But after reading 'Fifty Shades,' I was like, 'Come here, honey.'"

Jeremy Cammy, 38, from Toronto, expressed a similar sentiment. He asked James to sign his wife's e-reader with a silver Sharpie. He then high-fived the author, after declaring to her, "My love life is awesome. Thank you!"

The full article is here: Comic-Con International: E.L. James was a satisfying read to them
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From today's Los Angeles Times business section:

More than a million coffee makers are being recalled after dozens of reports of the brewers spraying hot liquid, coffee grounds or tea leaves onto people.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said there have been 140 reports of problems with the Tassimo single-cup brewers dousing people, including 37 cases involving second-degree burns.

In one case, a 10-year-old girl was hospitalized with second-degree burns to her face and neck, it said.

The agency said the coffee maker's "T-disc," the plastic disc that holds the coffee or tea, can burst while brewing.

About 835,000 coffee makers are on recall in the United States; 900,000 are on recall in Canada.

The agency said that the coffee makers were manufactured by BSH Home Appliances Corp., based in Irvine, and that some of them carry a Bosch brand name.

It also announced the recall of 4 million packages of Tassimo espresso T-discs after 21 reports of problems.


Further info, from the Montreal Gazette:

Product model numbers affected under the Bosch brand name include:

- TAS100

- TAS200

- TAS451

- TAS46

- TAS651

Their date codes were FD 8806 through 9109.

Under the Tassimo Professional brand name, model number TAS6512CUL, with date codes FD8905 through 9109, are being recalled.

Consumers are being told to immediately stop using the recalled products, and to contact the Tassimo Recall website or Tassimo hotline to obtain a refund.

Consumers can contact the company toll-free at 1-866-918-8763 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET Monday to Friday, and between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. ET on Saturday.

Please pass this on, and I hope everybody's okay.


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