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The Adorable Trio has landed!

We got back about seven hours ago. The cats have settled down, more or less. Jackson and Jillian are sacked out in cozy places, but Rudy is about ten inches away from me, on the desk. He's still purring and nuzzling; he's been an insatiable love sponge since he walked out of the carrier, about five minutes after we got home. The cats are of course exhausted from six hours in the car. So are the humans. (Although we only had to do three hours of it, thanks to my late cousin's awesome friend, who brought them from Coarsegold to Santa Clarita.)

More details tomorrow.
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The day is fast approaching for us to collect the Adorable Trio. We'll be going up to Santa Clarita probably Saturday so we can stay the night, pick up the cats from the way station around 1 PM Sunday, and zoom back home. My dear cousin in Albuquerque has been, and continues to be, awesome. She's set most of this up and reassured me that the cats will handle this just fine (she has some experience in this area).

I think the house is ready. (Not that I won't be doing more stuff anyway.) Naturally I'm still worrying, but that's what I do.

Anyway, CATS! I feel my mood lifting already.

My apologies for people whose comments I haven't responded to. I'll catch up. It's been a little crazy here.
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Guess what?

B and I are adopting the cats of a cousin of mine who sadly passed away several weeks ago. His sister (who lives in New Mexico) cleverly e-mailed me several photos of the trio while I was trying to decide if it was a good idea to do so. It worked.

Jillian (top), Rudy (center), and Jackson

seven more photos and the full story )
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I alluded in a previous post to Missy’s “old tricks.” Here’s an instance from a few months ago.

I was eating dinner on the couch while watching TV (yes, I eat on the couch) with B and Missy. Missy was in her customary spot, on the bolster between us. (Convenient for petting on demand.) I got up for some reason or other and left the room.

During most of her life, Missy was uninterested in almost all people food. We’d even allowed her to get up on the dinner table while we were eating, since she caused no problems while she was there. (I’ll write about why she started getting away with that in the first place some other time.) In the past few years, however, that had changed, probably around the time we put her on a diet. In fact, she’d started trying to get at my plate whenever I ate on the couch. After some gentle correction on my part, though, she mostly behaved.

But I’d learned that if I left the room – or even moved a few feet away from my seat – that Missy was most definitely not to be trusted. If B was there, I’d remind him to keep on eye on things; otherwise, I’d pick up the plate and carry it with me.

I don’t know why I didn’t think to ask B to keep Missy in check this time.

B: Oh, Dear?

Me: Just a minute; I’ll be right there.

B: Dear, you really need to come and see this.

Missy had, true to form, helped herself. She’d pulled the thick slice of tri-tip off the plate when B was looking the other way. She was standing on the seat of the couch, her paws on her prize, just staring at it. It was a third of the length of her tail.

I couldn’t help but imagine her dragging away her kill, pulling it between her legs, like a leopard on the savannah. But she was just standing on it – as if to keep it from escaping – and looking confused.

“Well, I caught it…now what?”

I had to remove the cat and what was left of my dinner, as B was no help at all. He was laughing too hard.
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I'm taking Missy to the vet for the last time this afternoon. Time to let her go.
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Well, what do you know? I found a food Missy wants to eat! I got a few cans of Sheba to try, and she not only ate, but shoveled it in. I haven't seen her eat like that in weeks! She's a lot brighter and happier. So am I :)

I'll update in more detail later on.
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Stop this ride, I want to get off. And take my kitty girl to solid ground.

progress, such as it is )
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Missy is home and doing well. When I first brought her in, she was in a bit of a daze, but when I picked up a can of food, she focused immediately. She sucked that stuff in faster than I've seen her do in weeks -- hell, maybe months. This was the free sample from the vet -- it's a CKD diet that's supposedly better long-term than what she's been getting, and she did eat it in the hospital -- but we don't have much of it, and I don't know if she's likely to stay with it. So I just opened a new can of her usual stuff, hoping she'd still eat it. And she did. I mixed in a little water, and she seemed to have an easier time slurping it in. I kept sweeping it with my fingers back into a little hill as she pushed it around the plate, and she ate a good amount of that. Then she sat down, licked her chops, looked at me and purred.

Another good sign is that Missy's getting up to some of her old tricks, which I'll try to write about in the next post, among other things. The test results I'm worried about weren't available today. So that other shoe is still hanging up there.

Right now, B and I are focusing on keeping her as happy as possible, and loving her for as long as we can. Even at 3 AM. *sigh*

And now I hear meowing from the couch. Excuse me, my Miss-tress calls :D

(And then I'm going to collapse, if Missy leaves any room on the couch, that is.)
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Me, not so much.

First off, I want to thank all of you who've commented and PM'd and offered me support. I love you all so much, and I'm not sure how I'd get through all of this without you.

holding it together )
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...which, under the circumstances, is the best place for her to be. Which I know, but I'm not really feeling it right now.

details )
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We took Missy -- who, as several of you know, has had chronic kidney disease for over three years now -- for her regular (as in every few months) checkup. veterinary details and general sadness )
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...of keeping on track with rehab.

It's been a little rocky. If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing. Only NOT )
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We took Missy for her six-month checkup a couple of weeks ago. Things look good. Not great, but good.

more about Missy and her mom )
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...since the surgery. Sometimes it seems like two years.

update )


Jul. 19th, 2014 09:08 pm
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Wednesday's surgery went perfectly. The doctor said the tear was a little deeper than he'd expected, at about 90% thickness, but he got everything reattached. Four little holes, each with a cross of steri-strips. We took off the surgical dressing last night and it looks to be healing normally. Some nice bruising, though.

details, details )
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Missy is still doing well. She’s acting normally, which is to say, constantly coming up with new ways to annoy and entertain us. At her last vet visit, instead of cowering under the towel and snuggling against Mommy, as she usually does, she came out and looked around with big eyes. To our amazement she actually jumped off the table and explored the room, sniffing everything curiously. When she came to the carrier on the floor, though, she tried to get back in.

“Sorry, Miss. It’s not time to go home yet.”


Back home, she’s decided that, instead of having her cuddly bed of blankets made up on the couch and then being petted as she settles in, her demanding meows now mean that she wants the comforter thrown over her. Once underneath, she burbles and turns around a few times to wrap herself up. So now we have to be really careful to poke it all over before sitting down.

I’ve been doing shoulder exercises, which Missy finds fascinating. When I use the big rubber band she races by and bats the dangling end. What she really likes, though, is the pendulums. While my arms are hanging down and swinging in circles, she dances around giving me high-fives.
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Monarch count today: 28 eggs, 60 caterpillars. 59 of the cats ranged from about 3-4mm; one was about 31mm. That's 22 fewer eggs than three days ago, but only 5 more cats. The 31mm cat has got to be one of the ones that were 25mm on Monday, but the other two are gone. Aside from that, how many eggs hatched into caterpillars, how many died, and how many cats died is anybody's guess.

I wish I knew a good way to mark the caterpillars. Even if there was something that was harmless and could be applied to a soft-bodied creature as small as 1mm, it would just be molted off with the old skin. A microchip would be good, since I could just wave a scanner over the plants. A very small microchip... Dream on, I guess.

It was after 10 PM when I finished the count. By then I had a desk lamp out there, but because the cord is so short and the electrical outlets so few and so oddly placed (who the hell designed that?), the sliding door had to be open quite a bit. This being the time of year for June bugs (which are actually not bugs, but a type of scarab beetle), several showed up and thunked off the lamp. Of course some of them ended up flying into the bedroom.

When B gives Missy her nightly treats, he throws them up and down the hall, in various rooms, etc. Tonight one toss ricocheted off a door frame and disappeared. Missy hunted all over until she spied a spot on the rug. It wasn't the treat; it was a confused June bug. Missy sniffed at it and then turned to stare at me expectantly. Sorry, Missy. Mom will do almost anything for you, but even she can't turn beetles into treats.
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An entry in the current posting war with [ profile] i_want_2.

(Macros #3, 5, 25, 11 (which I modified slightly), 25, 27 and 30 were created by others; the rest are by me.)

Guide to Being a House Cat

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