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I'm taking Missy to the vet for the last time this afternoon. Time to let her go.
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Stop this ride, I want to get off. And take my kitty girl to solid ground.

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Missy is home and doing well. When I first brought her in, she was in a bit of a daze, but when I picked up a can of food, she focused immediately. She sucked that stuff in faster than I've seen her do in weeks -- hell, maybe months. This was the free sample from the vet -- it's a CKD diet that's supposedly better long-term than what she's been getting, and she did eat it in the hospital -- but we don't have much of it, and I don't know if she's likely to stay with it. So I just opened a new can of her usual stuff, hoping she'd still eat it. And she did. I mixed in a little water, and she seemed to have an easier time slurping it in. I kept sweeping it with my fingers back into a little hill as she pushed it around the plate, and she ate a good amount of that. Then she sat down, licked her chops, looked at me and purred.

Another good sign is that Missy's getting up to some of her old tricks, which I'll try to write about in the next post, among other things. The test results I'm worried about weren't available today. So that other shoe is still hanging up there.

Right now, B and I are focusing on keeping her as happy as possible, and loving her for as long as we can. Even at 3 AM. *sigh*

And now I hear meowing from the couch. Excuse me, my Miss-tress calls :D

(And then I'm going to collapse, if Missy leaves any room on the couch, that is.)
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Me, not so much.

First off, I want to thank all of you who've commented and PM'd and offered me support. I love you all so much, and I'm not sure how I'd get through all of this without you.

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...which, under the circumstances, is the best place for her to be. Which I know, but I'm not really feeling it right now.

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We took Missy -- who, as several of you know, has had chronic kidney disease for over three years now -- for her regular (as in every few months) checkup. veterinary details and general sadness )
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Still waiting for the damn packet from the orthopaedist. If it doesn't come in tomorrow's mail, I'll be calling them.

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Jul. 1st, 2014 06:50 pm
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My shoulder surgery is scheduled for the 16th. The doctor's office is setting up my pre-op appointment with the orthopaedist (also the surgeon), which will not be on the same day as the surgery. (They asked me for my preferred days and times.)

It's not a large tear and doesn't go all the way through the muscle (I'll talk about that more when I manage to post the X-ray, which is more complicated than I thought it would be), so it should be possible to repair arthroscopically. THANK GOD for that. The surgeon will go in with an arthroscopic camera and teeny tiny surgical instruments, and sew the muscle back together. He'll also shave off a bone spur, which is not a good thing to have in there. More details about rotator cuff surgery, if you're interested, are here: OrthoInfo, Rotator Cuff Tears: Surgical Treatment Options.

It's an outpatient operation; the surgery takes about two hours, and I should be able to go home in another two hours. B will, of course, be driving me.

I should get a packet in the mail in the next few days. Among other things, it'll include a prescription for super duper pain meds. Oh boy.
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...Yeah, that's about it. A more coherent post to follow. Any suggestions for a decent photohosting site? (I'm using Scrapbook for the time being.)
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Well, I got off the dime and took some film to a place to be developed. It's a one-hour place, which of course costs more than sending it out, but I did it anyway, because they give you the negatives back (something I'm not quite ready to give up), and because I really need to know whether my camera and macrolens still work properly. God please YES. (I took some with the telephoto as well, since it wasn't dropped.)

I chatted with the technician first. The film is developed, and the prints made (or does he look at the potential prints first? I just realized I'm not sure about that), but he actually looks at the results. Also, he was friendly and seemed to know what I was talking about.

I'm going over to get them shortly. Fingers crossed!
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I dropped my SLR camera onto the concrete driveway. SHIT.

It may not be that bad. The lens cap was a total loss, but so what. Apparently its lower edge was where the camera hit; it's misshapen enough to be unusuable, but fortunately not so much that I couldn't get it off the lens.

I looked through the viewfinder and -- WRONG. Not focusing, and a line at the top like a crack (OH GOD NO). Maybe just the lens, I thought (not that I'd be happy to lose my precious macro lens either), so I took it off to try another. The focusing screen fell out in my hand. After doing some online research, however, I was able to put it back in. I replaced the lens and now the image looks normal, through the viewfinder, at least. The focusing screen holder still looks like it could be damaged, but the screen is staying put.

I had a scare when it looked like I couldn't open the camera back to change film, but no, it was just my clumsy old fingers. Whew.

I still don't know for sure that the camera body is OK, or, for that matter, the lens. I should take a test roll, with that lens and with another, to see if it still functions properly.

Notes to self: (1) pay attention to where the camera is and make sure I'm actually holding on to it, (2) put the camera strap around my neck where it belongs, thus making (1) a lot less important, and (3) regardless, in the future, drop the goddamn groceries instead.
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Well, Photobucket is uploading properly again, for me at least. Fingers crossed that it stays that way.

Does anyone have an alternative hosting site to recommend? I've been happy with Photobucket till now -- despite the occasional minor hiccup -- and I don't really want to go to the trouble of changing if I can help it. But I'd like to know more about what options are available.

In other news, B was about to leave for work today when he noticed smoke from a fire to the east of us. I took a peek, and it looked either really big or really close. But he called from work and said he'd checked it out. It's a house fire, only a few blocks away, but surrounded by firefighters and their fire engines. (It always seems like the fire department responds with more support than they need, but I guess it's good to be sure, especially in this hot dry weather with the threat of further Santa Ana winds. Besides, if it were my house, I would of course want as much as I could get.)

I feel sad for the homeowners and residents, and hope they and their pets got out safely and that they don't lose too much. I also hope, though, that it's contained and out as soon as possible and doesn't spread. In these conditions anything could happen.

I had B show me exactly what and where the hard drive was and how to unplug it (please don't laugh at me), and I'll be keeping an eye on Missy and where she is. Just in case.

B's work is in Escondido, which is about 12.5 mi (20.2 km) east of where we live in Vista (and 17 mi, or 27.4 km, from the coast). So it's that much closer to the backcountry, with its large areas of native chaparral, which is naturally dry as a bone this time of year and really hard to get to in a lot of places. It's the kind of habitat where a fire burns like crazy and can be hell to control. Not only is it a really dangerous situation for the people who live there, but a strong Santa Ana can turn it into an inferno that jumps roads and firebreaks and rushes unchecked into populated areas.

So B will be keeping an eye on things too.
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Not another one. GODDAMMIT. What the hell is wrong with people?!

I hope that you and your loved ones are all okay. If not, I am so sorry; my sympathy and heart go out to you.

In case you want or need it, an article giving a basic rundown of the facts is here: Associated Press: News guide to the Colorado movie theater massacre

Take care and stay safe.
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Well, it's official. According to the US government agency NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), mermaids don't exist.

HMPH! I beg to differ. (Hey, science isn't always pretty.)

Besides, would Animal Planet lie to us? Huh? WOULD THEY?

Reactions to the news were mixed. )

Fortunately, not all of the US government's agencies are such killjoys.
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I've been listening to this a lot lately. I find it strangely comforting. (Link goes to )


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